The ACM/Dinah And Fred Gretsch Family Gallery at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville, TN was a large project that I worked on from initial concept through design and production in 2012-2014. The final deliverable consisted of nine touchscreen-based gamified learning activities spread across 35 screens in a 7000 sq. ft. museum space.

I led the team that conceived, designed, programmed, and delivered all of the technology and software components. I contributed significant conceptual, play mechanics, experience flow, wireframing, and user interface design input for the project.

To ensure a consistent user experience, at the beginning of the project I made sure to communicate the terminology and interface language to all teams involved.

Museum visitors were instructed to create an avatar using one of several iPad stations. They then could use their avatar to log in to any of the activity stations to play games, create digital souvenirs such as album covers and song mixes, and earn badges toward the goal of becoming “Certified Country”.

Since opening, the gallery activities have hosted over 250,000 visitors every year, as recorded by the analytics built into the products by my team and provided to the museum marketing staff.