I planned, designed, and fabricated all of the weapons, props, set pieces, and contraptions for a traveling steampunk curiosities show for a crew of 12 costumers and artists including myself. The illustration work and sculpting/ fabrication of the organic oddities were done by other members of the group. The show was named after my character, Dr. Torque.

Character banners with accent lighting

15 foot wide CNC routed dimensional sign

The exhibition was a 2500 sq. ft. walk-through attraction with 7 large exhibits plus a merch/sales area and a performance/presentation stage.

I created floor plans and exhibit layouts for each venue.

I built a themed see-saw ride for guests to use while enjoying the show. The ride was designed to be modular and transportable.

H.A.R.O.L.D.E. was built as a photo op for guests to the exposition. His in-world backstory explained him as a tool for my character to move heavy items around in my laboratory.

I built Scrappington Hauley as a robotic assistant to my character. He was radio-controlled and could drive, turn, rotate his head, and lean forward and back.

Several other exhibits were built and displayed.